Daniel Pinedo

12 January 2021


Promoting the betterment of society is my primary career goal.

My mission is to understand mental health and social cohesion trends at the local level as well as comparatively worldwide. My vision is that in understanding and monitoring these trends policy can be influenced leading to targeted and impactful implementation of social infrastructure. This infrastructure may in turn promote social cohesion and resilience that is much needed at present and in future climate change mitigation strategies.

I am a methodologist and statistician. I have subject matter expertise in social science research methods, evaluation, clinical psychology, mental health science, and organizational behavior. I am right now training expertise in urban planning and psychiatric epidemiology. I have over 25 years of work experience in the public, private, and civic sectors.

I am available to consult on high-impact projects and to help evaluators build appropriate methodological capacity.

category:  intro