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Machine Learning

  1. machine learning for everyone
  2. introduction to Python
  3. intermediate Python
  4. Python data science toolbox part 1
  5. Python data science toolbox part 2
  6. statistical thinking in Python - part 1
  7. supervised learning with scikit-learn
  8. unsupervised learning in Python
  9. linear classifiers in Python
  10. machine learning with tree-based models in Python
  11. extreme gradient boosting with XGBoost
  12. cluster analysis in Python
  13. dimensionality reduction in Python
  14. preprocessing for machine learning in Python
  15. machine learning for time series data in Python
  16. feature engineering for machine learning in Python
  17. model validation in Python
  18. introduction to natural language processing in Python
  19. feature engineering for NLP in Python
  20. introduction to TensorFlow in Python